Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone from Madagascar| Merlinite Gallet

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Brand: GemGemRock
This is a listing for one(1) piece of Small Puffy Stunning Indigo Gabbro( also referred as Gabro or Merlinite ) Palm Stone from Madagascar. I will carefully pick one piece for you. Indigo Gabbro stone is very unique stone that formed with combinations of multiple minerals such as feldspar, chlorite, serpentine, and sometime silver, platinum and sometimes gold. These indigo gabbro palm have gorgeous flashing dark purple mauve with unique patterns, natural lines, and inclusions. 

**I anoint each stone with a sacred rose or lavender oil blend before packing so there may be a trace amount still on your crystal when you receive it. It won't harm the crystal and can be removed with a soft cloth. Also I will pack your crystal with dried roses and other dried flowers petals. So if you dont want me to anoint your crystal with flower oil or if you dont want me to wrap your crystal with dried flower petals, please make sure to leave me a note that you don't want it. Otherwise, I will anoint your crystal with flower oil and I will pack it with flower petals **

=================Size Information============
Size: varies from 45mm( 1.8 inches) to 48mm( 1.9 inches) 

Crystal Meanings:
♥Indigo Gabbro is.............
●It said to carry a Star People Vibration.
●It strongly connects your spirit with nature. 
●Its said to raise your natural intuitions.
●It increases your ability to channel reiki and other types of energy healing.
●Its a strong protective stone that are often used to clear one's aura.