Amitabha Buddha Rope Incense Bundle

Brand: GemGemRock

This is a listing for one(1) bundle of Amitabha Buddha Rope Incense. Rope incense is formed from incense powder blended and bound to rice paper then rolled and braided. These Amitabha Buddha rope incense bundles have 25 herbs ingredients such as saffron, nagi red, and white sandalwood. Amitabha Buddha Rope Incense are said to release stresses, tensions, and gets you in touch with your inner self. Its used for religious prayers, ritual practices, and meditation. Individually hand rolled in Nepal.

==Size Information==
each bundles have about 42 to 44 ropes which are about 3.3"

馃敭Spiritual Meanings馃敭
Its said to release stress, tension, and believed to get you in touch with your inner self.

馃尶How to use馃尶
Place the loose end of the Incense Rope into a burner plate. Light the other end and allow to burn.

馃摏Please read below carefully 馃摏
1) Keep incense bundle(s) out of your children/infants and avoid burning them around your children and infants. Children do sudden unexpected moves and they might not understand that burning incense rope is hot so they can mistakenly touch and burn themselves so please do not burn the rope incense around them. Infants can be very sensitive to smells so please do not burn rope incense around them. Also please keep bundles out of children's reach because they might get interested in burning rope incense after seeing you doing so.

2) Please Keep Rope Incense Out of Reach of Pets and Do Not burn it around them. Your pets can mistakenly eat rope incenses so please keep it out of their reach. Also please avoid burning bundles when your pets around. Animals are much sensitive to smells because they can take smells extremely well so smoke of burning herbs can cause them ill and can give them extreme amount of stresses.

3) After burning incense ropes, please make sure that there is absolutely no fire left and never leave burning incense rope unattended.

*GemGemRock does not intend for any information given to replace the care of qualified medical professionals, and no statements made should be used in place of medical care to diagnose or treat any medical condition. All metaphysical properties are gathered from writings, books, folklore and many other well-known sources. *