5 Sage Smudge Kit 4"| Blue Sage, Rosemary, White Sage with Flowers, Juniper, Yerba Santa

Brand: GemGemRock

This is a listing for 5 different Sage Smudge 4" Sticks Set. So this set includes 5 different herb smudge bundles such as Blue Sage, Rosemary, Turkish White Sage with Flowers(such as roses and lavenders), Juniper, and Yerba Santa. My hands are small so they might look big but please note that white sage with flowers can be 4-5" but all other ones are about 4" long. Please read below for meanings of each sage smudge bundles and cautions.

馃尶 Blue Sage馃尶
Blue sage is especially used for welcoming money, wealth, good health, prosperity, and abundance beside used for cleansing and purification purposes( such as cleansing/purifying your aura, crystals, altar, rooms, or house or any spaces ). Its relaxing smoothing smell can be simply enjoyable during the meditation or simply burn their leaves to enjoy them.

馃尶 Rosemary馃尶
Rosemary smudge is used for beauty spells, healing rites, cleansing rituals, cleansing your aura, and bring peaces. It's believed to provide mental clarity and protect one from negative energies as well.

馃尶 White Sage with Roses馃尶
White sage is used for deep cleansing a negative energy and raise the vibrations of your rooms or aura. Also its believed to attract spiritual teachers, good vibes, and wisdoms from higher spirits. Moreover, white sage is versatile as it can both be used in very intense or gentle spells which makes it a perfect sage to use if you practice magic works.

Rose is associated with the Egyptian goddess of Isis and the Greek goddess of Venus. Egyptian goddess of Isis is a goddess of love, wisdom, and magic & Venus is goddess of love and Aphrodite. Using rose petals along with sage smudging is believed to help you opening up to both giving and receiving unconditional love. It helps one attract the love you desire by connecting you the goddess Isis and goddess Venus. Especially its believed to work very well with love magic spells.

馃尶 Juniper馃尶
Juniper is used in manifestation rituals while summoning the spirits or we ask from the spirit for materialization of our wishes so its often used while a meditation or while one's praying. Also smudging Juniper leaves are believed to heals/protect one from evil spiritual entities, accidents caused by spirits, evil witches, and astral monsters, and from bad luck so its one of the popular herbs thats often used for cleansing spaces. Furthermore, Juniper is said to be preferred herbs to use when Elves are needed to support our magical work.

馃尶 Yerba Santa馃尶
Yerba Santa leaves are considered sacred in Native American and Spanish cultures. They are used in traditional smudging practice for love, self-growth, finding inner beauty, empowerment, protection, healing, spiritual strength, purification, boosting self-confidence, courage, and psychic abilities. Its also believe that Yerba Santa helps to release the emotional pain from your heart chakra. You can also burn Yerba Santa leaves to cleanse your crystals, altar, rooms, or any spaces that you want to purify its energies.

==Size Information==
You will receive 5 sage bundles per order.
they are about 4" each

馃摏Please read below carefully 馃摏
1) Keep sage out of your children/infants and avoid burning sages around your children and infants. Children do sudden unexpected moves and they might not understand that smudging sage leaves are hot so they can mistakenly touch and burn themselves so please do not burn the sages around them. Infants can be very sensitive to smells so please do not burn sages around them. Also please keep sage bag out of children's reach because they might get interested in burning sages after seeing you doing so.

2) Please Keep Sage Out of Reach of Pets and Do Not burn it around them. Your pets can mistakenly eat sage leaves so please keep it out of their reach. Also please avoid burning sages when your pets around. Animals are much sensitive to smells because they can take smells extremely well so smoke of burning sages can cause them ill and can give them extreme amount of stresses.

3) After burning sage leaves, please make sure that there is absolutely no fire left and never leave burning sage leaves unattended.

*GemGemRock does not intend for any information given to replace the care of qualified medical professionals, and no statements made should be used in place of medical care to diagnose or treat any medical condition. All metaphysical properties are gathered from writings, books, folklore and many other well-known sources. *