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1940s HUGE Kokeshi Art Doll by Artist Keimi Niyaman | Traditional Japanese Art Doll

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This gorgeous Kokeshi Doll is Very HUGE and of course ADORABLE :)! This sweet kokeshi doll was created by Japanese Kokeshi Doll Artist " Keimi Niiyama". Let me introduce a little about the artist. Mr. Keimi Niiyama's grandfather and his father were kokeshi artists as well and they had a souvenir shop that sells Japanese traditional Handmade souvenirs. So Mr. Keimi Niiyama was working with his father and making wooden toys but not kokeshi dolls at his young age. Then, he went to Pacific War as one of the Imperial Japanese Army. After the war ends, he started making Kokeshi dolls so all his kokeshi dolls are made from year 1946 to 2003 until his death. He was very talented doll artist and he kept his father's significant styles so his kokeshi dolls are very classic. This kokeshi doll in the listing is his work from around 1946 to 1950s. It is very old doll and its about 69 years to 73 years old doll. This kokeshi doll has cute little lips and face and smiley eyes ...very gentle and kind face expressions. Body part is painted with multiple colors such as red, green, and purple which represents kimono ( Traditional Japanese cloth). You will see artist's sign at the bottom of the doll. Since its a very old doll, you will see signs of age such a wood aging, paint fading, and minor scratches so be aware. 

The material of this Kokeshi doll is Mono Maple( also referred as Acer pictum subsp. mono ). Mono Maple wood will be cut and polished and painted so this Kokeshi doll was created from the scratch by the artist so Kokeshi doll is not just a doll but its an art by all means. I really hope you treasure this gorgeous kokeshi doll.

========Size Information=====
Size: about 470mm( 18.5 inches)
Weight: about 1403g( 49.5 oz)