Amethyst Aura Cluster, Rainbow Aura Amethyst Cluster, Amethyst cluster, flame aura amethyst, amethyst aura,aura Quartz, Mineral specimen

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Brand: GemGemRock

This is a listing for 1(ONE)pcs amethyst rainbow aura cluster so please note that you will only receive 1 pcs. I will randomly pick one amethyst rainbow aura quartz cluster from the stock. So please note that these are sample pictures. All of the amethyst rainbow aura clusters are about the same size and they are all extremely beautiful. As I sated above, its AMETHYST rainbow aura!! which means that raw Amethyst cluster were used to make this rainbow aura. I love how these amethyst aura clusters sparkle so beautifully from the different angles.. these are truly beautiful clusters and its very hard to describe its beauty by the pictures..they have great gold sheen and simply very unique cluster.

**I anoint each stone with a sacred rose or lavender oil blend before packing so there may be a trace amount still on your crystal when you receive it. It won't harm the crystal and can be removed with a soft cloth. Also I will pack your crystal with dried roses and other dried flowers petals. So if you dont want me to anoint your crystal with flower oil or if you dont want me to wrap your crystal with dried flower petals, please make sure to leave me a note that you don't want it. Otherwise, I will anoint your crystal with flower oil and I will pack it with flower petals **

Please note that Aura Quartz is a man-made crystals. Aura quartz is created by bonding clear crystals with choice of platinum, gold, silver,Nickel or Indium etc to create the specific aura quartz crystal. The quartz is heated to almost 900 °C (1600 °F) in a vacuum chamber & then the metal vapor is added. So for this cluster, Amethyst cluster was used and turned into this gorgeous Rainbow Aura Amethyst Cluster.

*For Rainbow Aura, it was created by boding an amethyst cluster with with Gold and Titanium which produces vivid multi-colored metallic cluster.