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Rhodonite Sphere Ball

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For this listing, you will receive one(1) pcs of Small Rhodonite Sphere Ball. These are really pretty small mini rhodonite spheres and perfect to carry it in your pocket as a healing crystal or make jewelry with it! The size is about 20mm( 0.78 inches).

I will intuitively choose one(1) piece for you. All my crystals in my shop has been fully charged under the full moon and cleansed by sage with lavenders so these Rhodonite spheres has been charged as well so its ready to use. Since our beautiful mother nature made these so there might be imperfections on them so please be aware.. Also the picture is a sampling of the pieces, yours may vary in color from the picture.

**I anoint each stone with a sacred rose or lavender oil blend before packing so there may be a trace amount still on your crystal when you receive it. It won't harm the crystal and can be removed with a soft cloth. Also I will pack your crystal with dried roses and other dried flowers petals. So if you dont want me to anoint your crystal with flower oil or if you dont want me to wrap your crystal with dried flower petals, please make sure to leave me a note that you don't want it. Otherwise, I will anoint your crystal with flower oil and I will pack it with flower petals **

*Size about 20mm( 0.78 inches)

Crystal Meanings:
Rhodonite is a popular stone because its so pretty and cute! Rhodonite often has black patches in the stone, but can also be all pink or pink with white. My thought when I saw and held this stone for the first time was " Is this a real stone??..How come it has such a pretty pink color :O?!??!" Yes it was real :)! Our nature is beyond our imagination! Mother nature is much more amazing and powerful than we could ever imagined. The whole earth is made of rocks & minerals so rhodonite is created by our mother nature but rhodonite itself also represents our mother nature. I believe the energies of minerals such as rhodonite because they were formed millions of years ago so please enjoy the crystal meanings below;

Rhodonite said to decrease your anxiety while increasing attention to details. Rhodonite is stone of love, grace, and elegance. It helps to increase your self respect by helping your inner growth. Rhodonite is said to awake your unconditional love to the ones that need your help by working on your heart chakra.

Rhodonite is also said known as an calming stone because it said to ease your anger, stress, and anxiety by balancing your emotion with its energies so its a perfect healing stone as your meditation or you can carry it with you in your pocket as a healing crystal. The pink color of Rhodonite indicates the energy that enhances love and it used in metaphysics to attract your soulmate.

Rhodonite is popularly used as a trauma healer. Especially its often used to heal one with an experience of heart break.

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